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Young entrepreneurs with the vision and the potential of global players will not be able to avoid the expanding and economically interesting markets of Asia and the Middle East in the long-term. It is important to open up new markets to create profitable growth.

This demanding task needs reliable, innovative consulting by local experts.

LIC-Lettner Invest Consulting offers valuable advice in the form of sound, country-specific market research, risk profiles and potential analyses to young German and European enterprises.

Our experts research trends and analyze primary trade channels; they collect information about the commercial sector and competitors and supply marketing and distribution strategies under consideration of the political, social, cultural, technological and ecological conditions of the target country.

LIC-Lettner Invest Consulting combines all classic consulting elements under one roof.

This business approach enables us to provide a comprehensive consulting service to our customers without interface or coordination problems.

We select a team of consultants for your individual requirements.